We are dedicated to assisting religious and non-profit organizations
​achieve optimum health and peak performance through leadership development, vision casting and systems understandings.

Consultants: Dr. Bob Perry
​and Dr. Marilyn Nelson


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Find a Niche and Scratch It:
Marketing Your Congregation     

Jesus was uniquely adept in the art of “reading” people. He fit his approach to the precise needs and interests of the person with whom he was dealing, and he spoke the cultural language of that individual. In this book, Robert Perry takes what Jesus and others have done intuitively - niche marketing - and provides a system for applying those principles in everyday practice. Convinced that congregations can learn from the wisdom of secular disciplines and apply that wisdom to congregational life, without damaging the integrity of the Christian faith, Perry offers a detailed process for using sound marketing principles to identify a congregation’s strengths and the needs of its community,​and to develop strategies for effective ministry. 
​An Alban Instititute Publication.

Price is $15.00

Pass the Power,

   This is the easy-to-read story of how one pastor and a group of
lay leaders learned to understand and work with the power
structures of the church. The book delineates the ways in which
the formal power systems of the church interact with the informal.

Various tools for identifying and working with power persons
are included, as well as ideas appropriately
empowering the laity in a church.

Price is $6.00

FuturOpting: How Churches Can
​Do Multiple-scenario Planning    

Manual for Values-base
​Tactical Planning

This text applies the insights and methodologies of scenario planning
to local church applications. This planning approach is the most
visionary and provides the longest-term plan of any way of strategizing.
Futuropting allows a church to take responsibility for its future, and
it reduces the level of systemic anxiety.


Price is $6.00
    This manual is a complete leader’s guide for this totally new approach to
strategic planning. It is right-brain, visionary and effective. The planning
process includes the identification of the core values of the group, the writing
of a mission statement and the development of a plan for an effective future.
​Written by Bob Perry, Ray Spears, and Stephen Welch.


Price is $25.00

Congregational Wellness:
Help for the Broken Churches 

Congregational Wellness

   This  is a 140-page paperback with a family systems approach to
understanding how churches experience health and dysfunction.
The book contains case studies of many congregations that illustrate the

ways in which congregational health may be diagnosed, and it
suggests practical ways for improving the health of a church.


Price is $8.00
This inventory is a systems-based questionnaire to assess the level of
organizational health in a local church. The starter kit for the inventory
administration and interpretation of the inventory includes 50 copies of
the inventory, a diagnostic guide and scoring templates.



Price is $20.00

The Ozarks Way

      Leadership the Ozarks Way is a study of leadership informed by an understanding and appreciation of the unique culture of the Ozarks.  Based on interviews of 30 outstanding leaders with Ozarks connections, the book identifies eight important qualities that make for effective leadership.  The book encourages Ozarkers to value their heritage, have confidence in their capacities and pursue excellence in leadership.

Price is $10.00